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Telephone  0774 359 2654



is based in Cardiff.

The company provides a

Professional Independent Impartial

Inventory Clerk Service

for the Vale of Glamorgan 

to Letting Agencies, Private Landlords,

Universities, Housing Associations & Individuals

covering both furnished and unfurnished properties.

Prima Inventories carry Public Liability and

Professional Indemnity Insurance and is

a full member of the AIIC

(Association of Independent Inventory Clerks)

"The AIIC are dedicated to promoting the highest possible

standards of accuracy and reliability and

have been endorsing high levels of professionalism

in the inventory business since 1996"

The Property Redress Scheme is an easy to use consumer redress (ombudsman)

scheme for Property Agents and Professionals.

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It is essential for Landlords to protect their valuable investments by having a professional, independent and impartial inventory report. 

Prima Inventories compile a comprehensive detailed report supported with photographs on the general condition and cleanliness of a property, including fixtures, fittings, furnishings and contents.  This report provides an accurate record of the property at the start and end of a tenancy.

Although it is not a legal requirement to have an inventory report, it is a legal document which serves as evidence in a deposit scheme arbitration case or indeed in court.

Welcome to Prima Inventories


Our Check-In service provides for

an independent, professional and impartial inventory clerk to be present when a tenant checks into the property. 

It enables the tenant to agree or comment on the accuracy of the inventory before signing for the keys. Meter readings with photographs are also recorded in the inventory. 

Unlocking the Door


A Check-Out is necessary when a tenant vacates the property to compare its condition with the Inventory that was agreed at the Check-In. This report would cover possible damage to the property, its cleanliness and any missing or damaged items, allowing for fair wear and tear.  The Check-Out may be carried out independently or in the presence of the tenant.  The report will also recommend any residual action that may be required by the landlord regarding damages, cleanliness or discrepancies.

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It is desirable for a property to be inspected

at an agreed time during a tenancy to assess

the condition of the property at that time.  

This report supported with photographs would include any variations in the Inventory and check if the tenant has

contravened any conditions of the tenancy

such as smoking or unauthorised pets etc.

The report would also alert the landlord to any

maintenance requirements that may be required

either during or at the end of the tenancy.


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Unfurnished       Inventory       Inventory       Check-In/       Mid-Term

                                                  & Check-In      Check-Out

Studio                      £50                   £70                  £40                   £25

1 Bed                       £60                  £80                 £50                  £30

2 Bed                       £70                  £90                 £60                  £35

3 Bed                       £90                  £120               £70                  £40

4 Bed                       £110                £140               £80                  £45

5 Bed                       £140                £170               £90                  £55

Furnished           Inventory       Inventory       Check-In/       Mid-Term

                                                   & Check-In     Check-Out

Studio                     £60                   £80                £45                    £25

1 Bed                       £70                   £90                £50                    £30

2 Bed                       £80                   £100              £60                    £35

3 Bed                       £100                 £130              £70                    £40

4 Bed                       £120                 £150              £80                    £45

5 Bed                       £150                 £180              £90                    £55

PRIMA INVENTORIES are happy to provide you with 

a quotation for larger, unusual or heavily furnished properties.                                 

Terms and Conditions


Bookings cancelled with less than 24 hours notice

will be liable for £25 cancellation fee.

Aborted Bookings.

A charge of £40 will be made if a booking is aborted

due to the no-show of an arranged presence by the

landlord, the letting agent or the tenant, or for any

other reason that is not the fault of Prima Inventories,

such as no access to the property etc.


Reports will be delivered in PDF form by email.

Printed copies can be supplied at an additional charge.

Photographs from the report, that are capable of being

enlarged, can be provided on DVD at an additional charge.

Fees and Payments.

Fees are NOT subject to VAT and are due to be settled on 

presentation of an invoice.  Reports remain the property of

Prima Inventories pending payment and unless special

arrangements have been made, they will only be sent

when payment is received. Payment details are shown

in the invoices.

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